And we're back!

2nd Annual Slipper Design Competition

It's that time of the year where we put on our creative hats and get funky with art!
We had a blast putting together our first ever competition last year, and we'd like to bring it back this year, and for many more years to come! 🤗



We've further enhanced our categories and prizes to make the participation even more seamless than ever.

REGISTRATION: How To Participate?

There are a few ways you can participate in the competition. 

You may register for the competition via the following: E-Registration Form, DM us on Instagram (@lecuoreshoes) or WhatsApp us direct. For Category 1 participants, parents are encouraged to register for them on their behalf.
Note: By participating in our Slipper Design Competition, you allow us to use your design submission for marketing purposes.


We are pleased to announce that there will be 3 winners for each category!
 All winners will receive a token/trophy and a certificate.

Yes, that's right!

We are introducing two new Special Awards to recognise and reward outstanding submissions in these areas:
Green Hands Award and Brilliant Minds Award
There will be a public voting system for the nominees from 16th July - 21st July. 
More details will be released on 16th July 2022.
There were so many beautiful masterpieces that were submitted last year and that inspired us to introduce new categories and give a special spotlight to designs that deserve it ❤️

Judging Criteria

All submissions will be judged based upon the following criteria.

Last Year's Winners

Here are the 3 winning designs from last year.
Creativity and originality is at the heart of our design competition, followed by the upcycling of materials used to create the masterpiece. Challenge your creativity by taking part! We would love to see the amazing things you can create ❤️

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about the competition, please feel free to reach out to us here.

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