Hello ello Le Cuoreans,

It’s me again. Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year in advance. I am not gonna talk about New Year in my post, but rather, I am gonna talk about the recent trend of #10yearchallenge in this new year.

Before I start, have you read that Jessica Simpson did this challenge too? She posted her pregnancy swollen feet now versus 10 years back, which reminded me to look back at mine! So, does our feet really changes over time? Answer to that is YES. This leads us to the next question, why?

Our feet tend to be bigger as we age. However, orthopaedists agree that our feet don’t literally grow. The reason is because over years, the tissues of our feet tends to degenerate and ligaments become looser, causing feet to flatten and become wider. In addition to that, it can cause bunions and hammertoes as we reach middle age.

Another reason may also be your feet might not be as big or long as you think they are, therefore, misfit of shoe size or shape. For example, I used to buy size 38 when I shop for shoes. However, when I start to customise my shoes and take my feet measurement, I realise I was a size 37. The reason why I bought 38 was because the toe caps are usually tight for me (too narrow), I could not fit properly into the shoes and ended up buying bigger size which did not equate to fitting shoes. This happens not just for me, but it happens to many of our customers who tend to comment that “I didn’t know my feet is this size instead of that”.

I may have said this before, but I’ll like to re-iterate this again that shoes that fits your feet are very important. Because of this #10yearchallenge, I am taking out photos of me 10 years ago and spotted one where I was wearing sandals. I instantly saw the difference.

With this, I would like to share my experience with you and hopefully in one of your new year resolutions, to be nice to your feet. Invest in a pair or two of good shoes. When I say good shoes, I need to define that good shoes doesn’t mean expensive shoes, and vice versa, expensive shoes does not mean good shoes. See you in 2019. Thank you for your support for our new start up.



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