Our Story

Someone on the Internet famously said,

“Good shoes take you (to) good places”

and we agree with this whole-heartedly. We understand the pain (literally!) of wearing ill-fitted shoes. Here at Le Cuore, we specialise in making customised leather shoes that are designed to fit each foot perfectly. Think of our custom-made shoes as your very own creative outlet to design your very own shoe styles with the right cushion and support that your feet needs. Go ahead and let your creativity run free as you can now have the best of two elements: Comfort and Style.


Le Cuore Heart-shaped logo


Le Cuore, means “the heart” in Italian and it represents our brand tagline; Shoes Made With The Heart. Our shoes are made with our customers’ interests and hearts in mind. We love building relationships with customers and assisting them every step of the way to ensure that no detail gets left out.

Azian, a happy customer said, “I was born with an uneven-sized feet which made it hard for me to find a comfortable pair of shoes. I always have to suffer pain in one foot while walking because of this. But ever since I found Le Cuore online, I can happily customise a pair of comfortable shoes and choose my own colour and design. I don’t have any more lower back pain due to ill-fitting shoes anymore

It is in our heart to make shoes that are uniquely yours. You are your own kind of beautiful and you deserve the best of both worlds - a pair of beautifully crafted shoes in your design style(s) with cushioned support in your preferred areas.

To find out more about our shoes customisation process, call us at +65 8299 0294.