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This is where the magic begins.
Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, we want to get to know your personality.

Step 1:
Getting to Know You

It's all about understanding who you are and knowing what matters to you.

Le Cuore's Support System

Every one of us has different wants and needs, and getting to know you is part of our process to better understand the nature and type of support you need.

Yes, we are in the style business. 
Here at Le Cuore, it's comfort first, and then fashion.

We made it our mission to bring function and style together to craft the right pair of shoes that's uniquely you.

Step 2:
Taking Measurement

Le Cuore's Measuring Tools

Let's talk measurement. With a Foot Measuring Device on one hand and a Measuring Tape on the other,
we'll measure both your feet right up to the tiniest millimetre, to bring you the best shoe fitting as possible.

No two feet are identical.

It's high time we acknowledge and understand the needs of each foot, and pamper them with undivided
love and attention.

Step 3:
Unleash Y
our Inner Designer

This is where fun begins!

Le Cuore's Women Styles

You are the master of your own style. Go ahead and tell us your vision - there's nothing stopping you from getting that pair of shoes you've been dreaming of. We'll guide you every step of the way and share recommendations to help you achieve that vision, fully supported by comfort.

 Le Cuore Men's Styles

Let your personality shine through with these customisable varieties:

A. Selecting your Shoe Style 

From Ballerina Flats to Stiletto Heels, Casual Loafers to Gentlemen's Brogues, you are only limited by your imagination.
Le Cuore's Style Selection

Choose the type of shoes you want to customise. For starters, think of where you'll be wearing it to. Be it for work or play, you can now customise it to best flatter your unique body type and personality.

Feeling nostalgic?
Recreate that "trusty ol' pair" that you loved so much.

Loved a pair recently, but it didn't love you back? 
Recreate another one with sprinkles of TLC all round.

B. Premium Leather Selection

Saffiano Leather, Plain Grain or Lamb Skin,
the choice is entirely yours.
Le Cuore's Premium Leather

We also have a number of seasonal leather collections
in our library at your disposal.

Le Cuore's Seasonal Leather

Stay updated on our latest seasonal swatches by
following us on Instagram or Facebook.
All our shoes are lined with kidskin
for optimum comfort.

C. Heel Height and Type

Le Cuore's Stilettos


You get to dictate the your preferred height and heel type. From skinny stilettos to chunky heels, the selection from our heel bar allows you to even customise all the way down to heel wraps
(if you're not into the "typical" raw heels).

Yes, think of it like an 'open bar'... For heels.

Le Cuore's Chunky Heels

D. Accessories

Be it Satin Ribbons or Leather Ribbons,
Leather Pompoms or Floral Appliques,
tell your own story from our extensive range of accessories.

 Le Cuore's Accessories

From flamboyant styles to classic minimalist chic,
we have just the right accents to add a lil' bit more oomph in each step.


Step 4: 
Processing your Design

Le Cuore Sketch Illustration

After our consultation, we'll sketch up an illustration for your preview and approval. Once you've given us the
go-ahead, we'll activate our expert craftsmen to convert
your shoe dream into your dream shoe.

Step 5:

le cuore shoe making

This crafting process takes about 4-6 weeks (especially during festive season). We recommend that you place your order before the peak season, to get your shoes in earlier. Once it has passed our stringent quality checks,
we'll schedule a fitting for you.

*Free Delivery*

Your convenience matters.

If you're unable to come down for your fitting, you may opt for Free Delivery. We'll include a Refitting Form should there be any adjustment needed and send it back to us to make the necessary changes.

*2x Heel Cap Replacement*

Wear and tear is inevitable.

2x Heel Replacement

At Le Cuore, we provide not once, but 2x heel cap replacement as part of our after-sales service support
should your heels get worn out.


Your dream shoe is just a click away. 
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