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You can now spice up your look simply by swapping out your earring charms within seconds! 🌈

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Signature Insole

Arch Cushion

Our insoles are fitted with arch cushion to relieve muscle strains especially during long wearing hours

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Shoefully Yours
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Yes you can! Channel your inner designer to create 'one-of-a-kind' masterpieces!

At Le Cuore, we believe that walking with ease, grace and utmost comfort boosts confidence and self-empowerment. We take pride in customising leather shoes for both ladies and gentlemen, allowing you to design your very own unique style. Play it up with colours, choose your favourite heel height and type or keep it chic with accessories. You even get to decide your very own support system with cushions - because only you know where support is needed. Every single shoe is uniquely handcrafted for you, as we understand that no two feet are identical.

Be your own kind of Be-You-tiful.

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Word on the Street


They are extremely customer friendly and oriented. Their shoes are really solid and we get to design them to match our personalities. They have been very attentive to our feet concerns and assisted us in addressing these issues. The pricing is reasonable for tailored, genuine leather shoes. Definitely coming back for more!

Nurwidya Abdul
Shoes Customisation

Such a fun experience getting to customise my own shoes - colour, height, materials, embellishments. And then fitted perfectly to our own unique feet. Definitely worth getting a pair! Elsa is also very knowledgeable and she is quick to offer advice and tips on what would work for you.

Jaenny Chandra
Shoes Customisation

Very extremely friendly lady and nice talking to her...recommend me the colours tat suit my preference.

Noor Azian
Lady Elsa Shoes

Elsa and team are great! Very friendly and helpful, and very focused on meeting each individual’s requirements as much as they can.The shoes are great - looks fab and so comfy. Given that it’s completely customised, the price is fantastic!

Rei Samantha
Shoes Customisation

Fit is perfect. My bunions thank you! Highly professional, dedicated team with great quality offerings. Thinking about my next pair already.. I can't recommend you guys more!

Ziling Toh
Shoes Customisation

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