Shades of Nude

Shades of Nude

You may have seen that we’ve been putting nude shoes (nudes) in the spotlight lately. In a nutshell, nudes are not many people’s “first choice” or choice of “safe shoes”. Generally, the larger majority would classify black as the safe colour. While it's not wrong, we at Le Cuore believe that nudes are the pair of “safe shoes”.

While the colour may not be awe-inspiring or “sexy” enough at first glance, the truth is, sexiness happens the moment you, the wearer, puts it on.

Let’s go behind the scenes to uncover the science behind nude shoes to show you why we feel that it’s almost “mandatory” for everyone to own at least a pair.

Why Nude?

Nude shoes, in general, makes you look taller.
When you find that shade of nude closest to your skin tone, it gives the illusion of elongated legs. The shoes become an extension of you, giving off a “taller you” look. When the people surrounding you see you in your pair of nudes, it sends the information to their brain. Their brain then interprets the nude shoes as “your skin” hence giving the illusion of elongated legs especially with a pair of heeled nudes shoes.


When you find the right shade, it lifts your entire look.
In fact, it can even make the overall outfit look “brighter”. Nude shoes on its own is already a neutral base colour. But when you find that right shade of nude, it can bring out your entire look and elevate it to the next level. The only person that knows the difference is you, as the wearer. Only you will know if the shade was the right one as you will feel different, more confident wearing it out. And because you feel confident, you react confidently. That is how we, the rest of the us, will know if that shade was the right shade for you – when you speak and move confidently.


Nude is the new Black.
Well, I wouldn’t necessarily call it new as nudes have been around for a while. But getting people to understand the versatility of nude as a safe colour may be a challenge as it may not make sense to the larger majority. Nude in itself is a neutral base colour. You could literally throw on any outfit and your nude shoes will be able to carry the look. From dresses to pants, to skirts to shorts, nude shoes are strong enough to be that versatile utilitarian yet classic pair.


Nude shoes are easy to clean.
Of course, I’m referring to nude leather shoes. It may seem like an oxymoron because nudes are considered a light colour. As we all know, lighter colours are more challenging to maintain. But generally when it comes to leather shoes, they are pretty easy to care for. Stains or mud are easy to wipe off and with nude leather shoes, it’s no different. Should there be an excess of mud, water marks or dirt onto your nude shoes, you can simply just wipe it off with a damp cloth from a “bare minimum” point of view. If you want to make its lustre last longer, simply add a bit of leather care to moisturise and prolong its sheen, as well as increase its effectiveness to repel water.

And because it’s leather, it’s breathable. Leather shoes tend to be airier than leatherettes or pleather, which is a faux leather. Speaking of wearability, generally leather shoes will season into your unique feet. While at first it may seem tight, you have to remember that when it comes to leather, it will be seasoned over time, hence making it probably one of the most comfortable, breathable pair of must-have shoes.

For these reasons, we believe so strongly that nude leather shoes are a must-have. And for the same reasons, we are happy and humbled to say that we have a pretty good selection of nudes that you can choose from.

You can never have enough nudes.


Elsie from Team Le Cuore

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