Founder's Profile

Elsa Tan founded Le Cuore Shoes in 2018.

Since young, Elsa has always demonstrated a strong flair and passion for the arts, especially in dancing and drawing. She majored in arts during secondary school and was awarded the Top Arts Student in her time. She spent the bulk of her tertiary years in the school’s hip-hop dance team which thrived further under her leadership.

Upon graduation, Elsa further expanded her portfolio in the Arts. She dabbled in dressmaking to the likes of Cheongsam and sorts. From pattern making to beading, she learnt the art of tailoring different types of clothing.

As a person who is constantly on the move with an even more active lifestyle like dancing, running, yoga and rock climbing, wearing a pair of well-fitted and comfortable shoes is extremely crucial. Having inherited bunions from her genes didn't make things any better.

Elsa spent decades' worth of searching high and low for that "right" pair but it almost never always felt right. This quest then led her to expand her knowledge and the science behind foot-related issues.

As a natural progression, she expanded her repertoire onto shoemaking, learning the techniques and the industry's best practices from scratch. In December 2018, she received her professional Diploma in Footwear Design and Product Development. 

Needless to say, Le Cuore was born.

With Le Cuore, she made it her mission to help others with similar, or other foot-related issues, overcome their pain of finding not just a pair of comfy shoes, but also one that is equally fashionable and stylish.

She strongly believes that comfortable shoes boosts confidence and alleviates the physical and mental stress of ill-fitting shoes. With a variety of fully customisable options, now everyone can express their individuality freely.

Founder’s message:

“Be kind to your feet because they carry you a long way. Shoes are not just a “want”, they are a “need” in your life. Be your own kind of Be-You-tiful, in a comfort-driven way.” – Elsa Tan

You can read more about Elsa in her interview with us for International Women's Day here.