What about Titanic and Leather Shoes?!

What about Titanic and Leather Shoes?!

Ok, I know what you're thinking: What has the Titanic got to do with leather shoes?

Recently I watched a documentary on the Construction of Titanic (I have no idea why 🤷‍♀️) and caught a glimpse through the history of the ocean liner's mammoth construction. 

From the inception of the idea, to the blueprints and the dramas behind the scenes amongst the higher management were all brilliantly summed up to focus on the men behind the nuts, bolts and metals of the ship. The hardworking workers clocked in grueling hours, sweat and years (and probably tears too) to create what would inevitably become the world's biggest tragedy in the history of ocean liners (not their fault, of course).

A few minutes into the documentary, it portrayed the different lives of each of the main characters. What would immediately stand out at this point is that the workers, all of the workers, donned a pair of leather boots as they headed out to work at the shipyard.

Let us refresh your memory; this was early in the 1900s where times and people in that era were going through real hardships. It was a period of time where elbow grease and sweat were the main exchange currencies to get by on a daily basis. But despite their non-affordability, leather shoes were people's number one choice of shoes, simply for one main reason; because they can last.

Yes, some might argue that leather was a "poor man's shoes", especially in those days. They were made to last for the men of the streets to work and feed their families. But leather was also the medium used amongst the luxury brands as they go through those provocative times in their own history with fashion.

Leather as a "raw material" was expensive then and leather is still expensive now. Leather has its own value, prestige, qualities and properties that holds up through the test of time. 

I guess in short, what I'm trying to say is, the important men that created the World's Largest Cruise Ship, all did it in leather shoes. I wonder what other historical wonders mankind has created, with leather shoes to carry them to work everyday 🤔. 


P.S: Here's the link to the documentary, 😉 for your leisure;


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