Shoeful: The Idea Behind the Concept

Shoeful: The Idea Behind the Concept

You probably may have seen our latest ready to wear series, our Shoeful Collection. After it's official launch on the 21st Dec 2021, our Shoeful Collection has a total of 30 specially curated charms for you to choose from, to date. As our collection expands, here are some thoughts behind the concept of Shoeful and what ideas went into the process.


Classically Le Cuore

Our journey for Shoeful started when we wanted to create a series of ready-to-wear series of shoes as part of our Signature Collection. We wanted it to have a classic and evergreen silhouette, yet unique and identifiable to Le Cuore. Being in a business that focuses on customising leather shoes according to customers' unique requirements tastes and preferences, we wanted our Signature ready-to-wear series to embody part of that unique "customisable" trait. Hence, The Shoeful Collection was born.

Features Behind The Concept

Signature Inner Sole - Comfort not compromised

Comfort to the wearer still takes precedence, even in our ready-to-wear series. Our Shoeful Collection is created with our Signature Inner Sole, to provide utmost cushion support for 2 key areas: Arch Cushion and Back Cushion.

Arch Cushion: Alleviates muscle strain, especially over long wearing hours.
Back Cushion: Provides additional ease and grip at the back of the foot.

Our shoes are designed to provide optimum comfort for long wearing hours, regardless of the heel height. 


Save Space, Multiple Styling Options, $ave Money: All you need is a pair of Shoeful

SAVE SPACE: That's right! You can save your wardrobe space with our Shoeful Collection. All you need is a pair of Shoeful shoes.
MULTIPLE STYLING OPTIONS: With one Shoeful pair, you can have multiple styling options to suit different look, for different occasions.
SAVE MONEY: Our Shoeful Collection doesn't just save space while giving you multiple styling options, but it also helps you save money in the long run - because leather shoes are made to last a long time. With Shoeful, you don't need to get another pair of shoes just to achieve a different look. All you need is just a different set of charms and voila! 

Perhaps, you can consider investing in a pair of Shoeful in different styles and colour, and you're all set for a very long time ;)


3 Classic Styles, 3 Evergreen Colours



Behind the Name. Why Shoeful?

The name "Shoeful" is actually a combination of the word "Shoes" and "Plentiful". To us, having "plentiful of shoes" is akin to a "bountiful happiness".  Hence, the combination of these two words fully encapsulates the idea and essence of how and what we wanted our Signature and Classic ready-to-wear series to represent; 1 Shoe, Multiple Styling Options. 

Another significant point to note is that the word "Shoeful" also sounds like "Shu Fu" (舒服), which in Chinese means comfortable. Here at Le Cuore, we take comfort seriously, and we're always striving to improve our products.

With that, "Shoeful" was born. 


Team Le Cuore

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