Hello Shoes Lover! How another week has passed us by and it’s the weekend again. Since it’s still the Chinese New Year period, here’s wishing you 新年快乐,心想事成,身体健康,猪年行大运!And also, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Quick question: Do you stick with the style of dressing that you’re comfortable with, or do you venture to try out different styles available? Lately, there have been different fashion styles emerging. One in particular has caught my eye, the androgynous look. What exactly is this androgynous look that we’re talking about here?

To me, it is the incorporation of the best of both worlds, rocking men’s clothing without losing the femininity within. Some classic examples that you can look to for inspirations are Ellen DeGeneres, Tilda Swinton and Cara Delevingne. You can see from the look they put together that the key pieces of this look are obviously the pants, followed by shirt and jacket/blazer/sweater with minimal accessories and make up. They are also more often than not, sporting short hair with this look.

But nothing is really complete without this key necessity to the look: the pair of shoes. This may include the Oxford, Derby and even Loafer. We are seeing more and more woman rock it out in their own way. And even if you’re a heels lover, this style is great in heels too. So ladies, for this Valentine’s Day, why not try out this style and surprise your partner with it?

With that being said, why not make an appointment at Le Cuore and let us help you take that first step (pun intended) out of your comfort zone? Cheers!



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