Calling Your "Number"

Calling Your "Number"

The essence of marketing is needless to say. It is so important to understand what the “hungry crowd” needs, then satisfy their need with the right products and services, lead them to find where you are and make sure they have a wonderful experience while patronising your store or services. However, at Le Cuore, we think the most important thing of all is still getting our “numbers” right in each step of the marketing process.

By getting the “numbers” right, it simply means that we strive to know the exact costs for bringing a pair of quality shoes and service to a customer like you. By knowing these costs, we can refine the processes to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness. Such practices will help to cost down the products without compromising their quality. It will ensure the sustainability of our business as well.

For instance, there are 1001 ways to do the branding of our shoe customization service. After doing the extensive market researches, we decided that the most effective way of marketing our service is a hybrid of using social media and a physical showroom at a factory building. The adoption of such set up not only saves up huge marketing and rental fees, which in turn we can pass these savings to the patrons, it also helps to promote personalised service with high level of privacy.

It is no wonder now everyone can afford custom-made shoes with Le Cuore!



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