Reflections - Le Cuore’s First Slipper Design Competition

Reflections - Le Cuore’s First Slipper Design Competition

Le Cuore Slipper Design Competition

First and foremost, I would like to thank all our wonderful participants whom have taken part in our first ever slipper design competition! Your participation meant so much to us and we were delighted to see so much creativity and effort being put into every design.


To be honest, hosting a design competition was something that has been on my mind for a while. As much as we would be planning for something fun and engaging, I wanted it to be meaningful as well. Then, Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA) came. A lot of us were caught off-guard and, for better or for worse, it gave some of us flashbacks to last year’s circuit breaker. Feelings of anxiety was bound to resurface and it was at that point, we decided to run the slipper competition. We wanted to give others something else to focus on, something happier and positive. Especially with the kids at home (again), this competition gives parents and adults alike something fun to do.

 Le Cuore Slipper Design Competition

We designed this competition throughout the duration of P2HA to accompany you through the “stay home” period, where you can have a bit of “me time” to sit down and do creative things. To spice it up, we encouraged the use of things that can be found in the house, so that participants do not need to go out - #stayhome. We also planned for the “Results” to fall on the last day of the Phase 2 Heightened Alert, to bring about hope and positivity like, “Hey, let’s walk out of this tunnel together, and together, we will see the light”.

 Le Cuore Slipper

In terms of canvas, we chose to give participants something physical to work with. As much as Le Cuore focuses more on formal shoes like pointy heels, you would not be wearing it inside the house, would you? Maybe. So instead, we came up with these slippers as it was something unique and different. By the end of the competition, three winners will win for themselves a pair of customized leather shoes as it represents something nice for them to look forward to and wear out, be it to the office or exploring the sights of our little sunny island, as we move out of P2HA.

 Le Cuore's Entries 1

When we say we were delighted, it was definitely an understatement. We have never hosted a competition before and to be completely honest, we did not know what to expect. But once we put the gears into motion, we were blown away by the level of creativity from every single entry! With concepts ranging from underwater, to land, all the way to heaven, every single entry that came in made me go, “Wow, so much effort!” The team and I are impressed with the level of creativity and we were truly touched by the amount of work from each participant. As a designer myself, I know it can be quite challenging to come up with themes and ideas, and I truly appreciate the hard work being put in. Great job, ladies!

 Le Cuore's Entries 2

Announcing the results via IG Live. That was also another first for us. I would say that overall, it was “not too bad” for a first timer (hahaha!). I do know that it can be improved further. For starters, I am not sure if anyone realised, but we forgot to introduce ourselves 😅. Well, you can just call us Elsie. To be frank, I was more concerned about missing out any important detail for each entry. We wanted to showcase every single effort that our participants put into it. At the back of my mind, I was like, “Hey, did I miss out any detail?” I am super thankful to have a wonderful partner who would help me out, especially when I am scanning for “unmentioned” details. I wanted to put to light the beauty of each design – I am so proud of ALL of the entries! ❤️

 Le Cuore's Entries 3

Overall, I felt that this competition went better than anticipated, especially since it was our first. I am thankful for my marketing team who has pushed so hard for this and making it an extremely successful event. Second, the masterpieces from participants were simply mind-blowing. It has definitely exceeded my expectations. To conclude, I personally feel that we should organise more events and live streaming similar to these, to further connect with customers and friends.

 Le Cuore's Winning Entries

(Le Cuore's Three Winning Entries)

Le Cuore, it means the heart in Italian. You, my dear friends, are at the heart of why we do what we do ❤️.


Elsa from Team Lecuore

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