Style Without The Pain

Style Without The Pain

Hello Shoes Lover! Yet another week has gone by, and we hope that the week has been kind to you.

My passion for shoes started when I began to pick up tips and the art of dressing up well. They say eyes are the window to your soul, but I say shoes are the window to your style. Born with an adventurous streak and a tendency to give everything a proper shot before deciding whether it works for me or not, I was daring to give any kind of shoes a try.

Going with the popular belief, I often chose shoes that are a size looser for “comfort”. Unfortunately, this did not work for me at all. Not only were those shoes uncomfortable, I would often end up with blisters wherever the shoes cover and having to endure the pain for days to come. I believe this will resonate with some, if not all of you.

Believe it or not, being introduced to the concept of customized shoes has definitely changed not just my walk but life for the better. Gone are the days where I had to limp around with excruciating blisters! Furthermore, I also get to mix and match various materials to my liking to create my own unique stylish pair of shoes. This actually allows me to decide what works for me and what does not. So not only does my newly customized pair of shoes make me feel good, they make me look great too!

Of course, you may think that I am being biased. So why take my word for it when you can come try it yourself? Book an appointment with us now and come experience it yourself! Till the next post! 😃



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