A Brand by an Asian

A Brand by an Asian

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Helloo ello readers,

TGIF!! Are you ready to party? Or to have some tai tai gathering for the weekend, like a crazy rich Asian? This week, I am sharing about an Asian man who made it big in the fashion industry. Introducing brand talk of the week, Jimmy Choo !!

Well, there are many sides of the story on what is Jimmy Choo’s background and where he is now, etc. Long story short, Jimmy Choo was born in Penang and started his shoemaking career in Penang, which he later moved his shoe making career and flourished in UK. Jimmy Choo was officially established in 1996, together with the then British Vogue magazine accessories editor Tamara Mellon. However, the partnership lasted for as short as 5 years and Jimmy Choo sold off his shares. Yes, for the longest time, Jimmy Choo no longer belongs to Jimmy Choo, at least not for the retail and commercial sector. However, Jimmy Choo still his own Jimmy Choo couture line. And so where is Jimmy Choo now? He is back in Malaysia, stationed in KL, involving to set up an institute for shoemaking (I so look forward to it!!).

Jimmy Choo, as a brand, from its start of just making small collections of shoes, to hitting the fashion runways and appearing in various magazines cover, to doing mass collections of shoes and then venturing out to bags and accessories under its branding.

Being an Asian doing an Asian thing (saying it as a proud Asian), a couple of artistes from movie” Crazy Rich Asian” dressed in Asian designer brands to attend the movie premiere which of course, includes Jimmy Choo. For example, Awkwafina carried a Jimmy Choo clutch.

Reading about his journey, I understand about some important lessons of not just shoes, but more about life.

1)   Believe in what you are doing. Envision is important for a long journey to success.

2)   When one thing doesn’t work out well, give blessing, move on and do what you believe is the best.

3)   Build a strong foundation right from the start. It will go with you a long long way. Shortcuts may work at times, but it doesn’t give you in-depth understanding.

4)   Despite fame, stay humble, remember your roots and learn to give back to the society. (This is also the reason why we intend to start making “Hearty Shoes” this year, a project as charity work and gifting to the children in the mountains of Myanmar. Stay tune and if anyone is keen in volunteering, do PM us.)

Last but not least, some famous quotes by Jimmy Choo:

"It’s a beautiful, distinctive art, and shoes are like the foundations. If the foundations aren’t right, the building won’t stand upright, and if a woman’s balance isn’t right, nothing else is." ~ Jimmy Choo”

“I love the idea of couture and its emphasis on creation. There's where I made my name - in design - and there's where I'd like to stay.” ~ Jimmy Choo

“The right shoe can make everything different.” ~ Jimmy Choo

With this, I shall end my post. While sharing this with all the shoe lovers who are keen to understand backgrounds of branding, I am also learning a lot. Do remember to give support by clicking “Like” on our Facebook and Instagram and share our posts freely. Your support means a lot of us.

Have an awesome weekend with some thoughts after reading this post.



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