A Tribute to Shoes of Prey

A Tribute to Shoes of Prey

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Helloo ello people, TGIF once again. Welcome into the month of August!! It’s the start of the week and pay cheque should just be in. Please do consider us to make a great pair of comfortable stylish shoes.

I would like to give credit to a few customers of ours from the past month. I am not sure if they would like their name to be announced publicly so I shan’t do that. This particular customer made 3 pairs of shoes with us at the pop-up fair and have just collected her shoes this week. She was thrilled by how comfortable it is and guess what, she made another 3 pairs on the spot! That’s how good things go about! Another customer who had bunion issues and had the same shoe size as me made 4 pairs at one go, after trying some of my personal collections. Taa-daa, be nice to your feet. 😊

This week, I would like to share about a brand that is no longer around, who had shared the similar vision as Le Cuore. It is worth crediting this brand because I have a customer recently who told me she was a size 32/33 and she used to customise shoes from this online brand but now they are no longer around and she had no other options but to buy kids shoes. This brand is “Shoes of Prey”.

Shoes of Prey was an Australian brand that existed for about 9 years, which also started from a local market and eventually went to the global market. One of the co-founders - Jodie Fox, has the same vision to customise shoes because she realised she just couldn’t find anything she liked in the market, either colours or embellishment or cuttings that just weren’t to her liking. During their peak, they had market shares in LA, Asia, and Australia, with a staff strength of 200 people. Shoes of Prey has also designed shoes for celebrity figures, such as Kate Middleton and Rihanna. However, despite the effort to create something new in the market, Jodie Fox admitted in an interview that they were just not able to crack the mass market. Co-founder, Michael Fox penned in a blogpost saying, “We learnt the hard way that mass-market customers don’t want to create; they want to be inspired and shown what to wear”. Jodie Fox also re-affirmed about her passion and being positive about their vision despite the failure of Shoes of Prey. It is truly admirable to know about someone out there who shares the same philosophy.

I’m analysing this brand not because of competition. But rather, this is the reason why we insist to up the game and serve each and every individual customer personally through meet ups, to understand what he/she exactly needs. We understand that humans are visual creatures and we accept and adapt to that fact by letting customers see the leather swatches, by drawing out the design for confirmation, and constantly creating new sample designs to customers to reference from.

We want to hear from our customer base as well on what you are looking for in shoes and what will make you want to customise a pair of shoes. This is a story told so that we hope to do better in serving and understanding customers’ needs, especially those who are still buying from the mass market. What are your concerns to try out customising a pair of shoes (other than you don’t see a need to)?

Good news here is that we are having 54th National Day Promotion! Do check out our social medias on the promotions. Feel free to PM us your thoughts if you would like to discuss this privately, or do feel free to leave a comment on our social media.

Have an awesome month ahead, with the fighting spirit of lion!!



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