A True Better Brand

A True Better Brand

Hi my Le Cuoreans, the weekend is here. Welcome back to our dear readers and to our new readers, hello!

Have you spent a chunk of your savings to buy a branded item only to have it not fitted you right? You end up keeping that pair of shoes in the cupboard and painfully enduring it for special occasions. In some worse case scenarios, we ourselves have encountered our branded items breaking within the first few uses. Well, we have been there too.

So it brings us to our topic of today, instead of becoming the brand, let’s have the brand work your dollar for you.

At Le Cuore, that’s what we aspire our brand to do for you. We want to make your dollar well spent on something that will serve to never only collect dust in your cupboard or be used only on special occasions. You can now spend the same amount of money you might on something that would fit you well, serve you well while looking your best.

We know how hard you work for your dollar, so we want to help you stretch that out as much as possible. We want you to choose a brand that works for you to be uniquely you. Here at Le Cuore we have continuously emphasized our customising capabilities we cater to you to make sure that you have that right fit, look and style that you want.

Call us now to make an appointment, even better, book an appointment for us to come to you at your time!

Psst – A sneak preview on what’s coming to you soon - Our FIRST & BRAND NEW CAPSULE COLLECTION - Lady Elsa - will be released soon. Stay Tuned for our updates!


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