Anytime is a Good Time

Anytime is a Good Time

Hello family and our new family, I hope you are all prepped and ready for Chinese New Year or getting ready for a nice break this Chinese New Year.

Are you the kind of person who only buys or gets a new pair of shoes just before Chinese New Year and that’s it for the year? 

Well truth is, I was this kind of person, and I used to buy one pair of heels, the same standard pair of black heels that I would wear throughout the year. This process went on for at least 5 years, and only once in that time did I get a pair that fit right. Being a size between 40 and 41, it isn’t an easy task to get shoes. It’s either a little tight or loose, and most times if I could locate a size I would be wearing slightly loose heels in a design I’m huge fan of.

Today, I own 3 pairs of Le Cuore heels, the most I ever owned in a year and I have never been happier and on top of that, a whole lot less boring and a lot more choices which better match my outfits to work. I no longer am just a black heels owner. This is the comfort and confidence that we are promoting, as well as an additional emphasis for a way to express yourself in your own style. 

If you are reading this post now, you are looking for something better and we would love to assist you to reach that goal. Give us a call or drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram and even through our site and we are ready to meet you and start your Le Cuore journey.

From all of us in Le Cuore, we would like to wish you a prosperous new year filled with bountiful blessings in health and wealth. Go be fabulous!


Le Cuore – IT

P.S -  Don’t forget to keep a lookout on our site for promotions for that extra bonus to your next purchase.

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