Back to the Origins

Back to the Origins

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Hello Shoes Lovers! Greetings and welcome to another weekend read, specially for you!

Have any of you out there ever been curious when exactly did footwear first existed? How can we talk about shoes and not know how footwear fashion all started, right? It’s really hard to imagine how would our lives be now without shoes. So, today we will be talking about the origins of footwear, or shoes to put it simply.

It really just started with a very simple and straightforward motive: to protect the feet from external elements. Studies and research have concluded that it dates back to 2.5 million BC, which they call it the Prehistory era!! Can you believe it?!?! But the world’s oldest shoes were only found 28 years ago, belonging to Ötzi who died about 5300 years ago and was found in the Austrian Alps in 1991. It was made from deerskin with a sole made from bearskin and stuffed with hay, presumably to keep the feet dry and warm.

As we go through the different eras, the different interpretations of culture and art and different economic and political factors helps mould the footwear fashion of that particular era. Also, there are also different shoes for different climates and different materials used for shoe making in different regions. So, it’s difficult to pinpoint the certain pair of shoes that started it all and it’s interesting to see how the shoes evolves over the different eras.

At Le Cuore, we are not afraid to be adventurous to try out new or “old” trends and we would love to see what wonderful ideas that you readers out there might have. Speak to us today! Till then, you have yourself a great weekend ahead!



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