Benefits of Leather Shoes

Benefits of Leather Shoes

Hello Shoe Lovers! The weekend is just around the corner! How does welcoming the weekend in a good and unique pair of leather shoes sound? But why leather shoes, you may ask? There are in fact many benefits of wearing leather shoes:

1) Breathability & Durability

Leather allows our feet to breathe better! Notice how when you wear shoes that are made of synthetic materials, your feet tend to be very sweaty and they smell funky when you take off your shoes? This is due to the construction of the material that does not allow air to pass through at all, affecting the circulation of air inside the shoes. Leather, by nature, allows air to pass through, keeping our feet cooler and prevents sweating. This helps to keep odours to a bare minimum. Leather shoes are also built to last for a longer period of time. So, they can actually help you to save significantly in the long run!

2) Comfort & Better Fit

I’m sure everyone has experienced the terrible discomfort of chafing and blistering of your feet, due to the misfit of the shoes. With leather shoes, that will be the last concern on your mind! As leather shoes have natural elasticity in them, they will be stretched to fit the shape of your feet over time. They are comfortably tight enough to grip on to your feet without the blistering and frustrations of shoes falling out. Yet at the same time, they do not constrict your feet to the point of discomfort.

3) Eco-friendly (in a certain way)

Many people are starting to be aware of how our fashion choices will eventually impart the environment. With this, leather shoes are a very good option for those who are more environmentally conscious. Contrary to popular beliefs, leather is actually a material that is made from natural resources. It is biodegradable and eco-friendly, as compared to shoes made of synthetic materials. Therefore, when it comes to the time that your leather shoes are to be discarded after many years of usage, they can be easily degraded through natural processes. This will minimise the environmental stress we put onto this planet.

4) Stylish & Timelessness

Leather shoes never go out of trend. They add an elegance and chicness to the outfit that you adorn, bringing your style one level up and making you feel like you’re on top of the world! Invest in a good pair and it will bring you a long way.

With all these sharing, we hope that it will give you a deeper understanding of leather shoes. Now, won’t you be tempted to own a pair of this? 😉



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