Brand of the week: Lady Elsa

Brand of the week: Lady Elsa

Helloo elloo, everyone. It’s the time of the week again.

This week, I am going to share about a story about myself and how this shoe business came about for me. Some of you may have heard my story (maybe even more than once), but pretty sure some have not.

I am a lady with bunions on both feet and both sides of each foot, which makes buying shoes a tough task for myself. Some told me that I have dancer feet, because when dancing, the pressure is always on the front of the feet. Some told me it is joint infection because of the wrong shoes that I wear. However, I am very sure that mine is hereditary because my family members have bunions too (maybe it worsens because of above other reasons).

I would basically grab any shoes that fits me along the way. I mean just forget about being fashionable when I can’t even find comfort, right? I would buy a few colours of the same design. I will also buy back the same pair over and over again to save the hassle of trying my luck of finding a new design.

Here comes the fairy-tale part that one fine day, I decided to google for customised shoes for ladies. To my surprise, I could hardly find any in Singapore. After some time of searching, I finally found a few from far away land, which is kinda troublesome to bring in. This prompts me to set a new vision for a new career, which is to set up Le Cuore with the aim to understand more about shoes and to help more people out there get a comfortable pair but yet looking fashionable. However, if you do not have any problems with your feet, you can still come to us because you get to design a unique pair with your own choice of design, leather, accessories, and heel height, made exactly to your feet measurement.

We are almost a year old now, though I have been in touch with the shoe industry more than this amount of time. With this, we are launching our own collection, under owner’s name (me)- Lady Elsa. While it features a lot of my liking of glitter, patterns, etc, Lady Elsa also hears from the mass circle of customers on what they think. I am always open for ideas and discussions, so do hit me up and we can talk all day long about shoes!!

Lady Elsa is officially going to be launch in June 2019. Do stay tune and give lotsa love and support. Our team hopes to bring you a tinge of interesting design in every pair to brighten up your everyday wear. Sales of Lady Elsa’s collection will be available on our own website. If you would like to enquire more, do feel free to drop me a message, or PM me on FB.

Till the next time, ciao.



The Girl Boss Behind Le Cuore - ET

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