Breaking Out of the Norm

Breaking Out of the Norm

Hello Shoes Lover! An eye’s blink and here we arrive at another weekend!

Has it got you thinking how everyone around you is dressing around the same fashion principles and rules? Statements like “You can’t match this top with that bottom”, “You can’t match this dress with that pair of shoes”, “You shouldn’t wear white, it doesn’t suit you” and such? I believe everyone of us would have heard at least one such statement in their lifetime. So you’re thinking why am I asking you this? Because this is what we’re gonna talk about this week: Avant Garde!

I know this is a very foreign term that not many of us have heard of it before. In fact, I have only just chanced upon it recently as well! So, what exactly is this Avant Garde about? It’s originally a French term, which means “advance guard” or “vanguard”, literally “fore-guard” in English. This is referring to the idea or people that pushes the boundaries and does not conform to the conventional ideals, which in turn bring innovative ideas to the table.

There’s no limit as to what Avant Garde may be. It could be the mixing of different styles to create one unique and out of the box style, that nobody has tried before. It could also simply be taking one style and adding elements into it, in order for it to evolve into another unique kind of style. Yohji Yamamoto is one such designer, who has truly demonstrated what it means by Avant Garde spirit. Even the sneakers he designs are not in the conventional shape that we would think of sneakers to be in.

At Le Cuore, we do have that little bit of Avant Garde spirit in us as well. We always push ourselves against the challenges that we face. Just like how we receive feedbacks that our showroom is simply too far away from where you are, and ta-da! We came up with the idea of “Showroom on Wheels”, bringing the showroom to wherever is convenient for you! Now, what are you waiting for? Hurry and make your appointment with us, be it at our physical showroom or our “Showroom on Wheels”!



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