Business Casual vs. Smart Casual

Business Casual vs. Smart Casual

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Welcome to September. For some special reason, September is a special month… shhh, not telling you why…

This week, we are going to talk about a topic that I have always been interested. Long story short, many countries are trying to drive the initiative of work-life balance, and Singapore is no surprise following this trend. While getting into this, we often try to dress down a little for work so as to give ourselves a break from that formal business wear, which is transforming into this trending term call Smart Casual. So, what is Smart Casual and how do we define Smart Casual? Interestingly, I read an article that defines Smart Casual as “Anything smarter than a track suit, but less formal than a suit”.

I did some research and there is a fine line between Business Casual and Smart Casual. Here’s the difference: Business Casual refers to more conservation style of dressing, for example, wearing a standard collared shirt with denim pants or polyester material skirt. On the other hand, Smart Casual refers to more trendy style, for example, an oversize shirt instead of a standard formal shirt. Having said that, many a time, both categories can be interchangeable.

When apparel is done, don’t forget about the SHOES. Business Casual is often more define as matching with loafers or boat shoes, while Smart Casual is often associated with wearing sneakers, for the men. For the ladies, the trendy Business Casual is mules (I will say so) rather than a formal pair of pumps while Smart Casual is either slingback or sneakers. In fact, with this trend of slight dressing down, you will see almost every brand that has the history of selling dressy shoes coming out with their collection of sneakers nowadays.

Again, we always emphasize on what suits you best!! Put all the criteria you need into a pair that fits you best, be it whether you are going for Business Casual or Smart Casual or have the best of both. At Le Cuore, that’s what we do, a wide variations of style, colours, trends, creativity, comfort, and also bringing out your personality. Enquire from us today!

Side note: If you are still interested to know more about this topic of Smart Casual, just google it and you will find an interesting list of different definitions and all the Do’s and Don’ts of how to style.

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