Celebrating International Women's Day: An Interview with Evelyn

Celebrating International Women's Day: An Interview with Evelyn

Last month, we launched Part 1 of our International Women’s Day feature to celebrate the 2 women behind Le Cuore — Elsa and Evelyn. Here is Part 2, where Evelyn shared candidly how resilience has played a huge part in her overcoming her challenges, her role model, and her favourite pair of Le Cuore Shoes.

We hope that you will feel uplifted, like we did, after reading her interview :)

1. Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Le Cuore Shoes Celebrating Women

Hi, I’m Evelyn and I am responsible for the customer service at Le Cuore. I interact and engage with the customers when they enquire about our shoes customisation services. I also manage and handle all our customers’ orders from the start to the end, including after-sales service :)

Outside of Le Cuore, I am a huge foodie who loves traveling and trying out new things!

2. Why did you decide to join Le Cuore?

Le Cuore Shoes Celebrating Women

When Elsa had the idea of starting Le Cuore, she asked if I would be keen to join her in this venture. I saw the opportunity in the challenge of starting up a new company and agreed! 

3. Can you share with us if you have faced any challenges/ adversities because you’re a woman in your line of work?


I've been blessed to not have met with any major challenges just because I'm a woman in the course of my working life. However, that is not to say it has always been smooth sailing for me. To me, challenges are part and parcel of life — it all depends on how we look at them and respond to them. I believe that there is always a learning opportunity in every challenge.

4. How do you overcome your challenges?

I will always try to solve them myself first. I will always see the problems objectively and come up with solutions. If I am unable to overcome it on my own, I will then seek help and advice from my close friends. They have always been able to provide a clearer perspective to the problems.

5. Which is your favourite pair of Le Cuore shoes and why?

Le Cuore Shoes Celebrating Women

Ah, It’s so difficult to choose because all of them are so comfortable and do not gives me blisters. Blisters have been a huge part of my life before Le Cuore, so imagine my delight when I finally can walk comfortably without blisters from shoes!

If I have to really choose a pair, it will have to be my very first pair in blue and gold camo prints. I love it because of its unique prints which I have never been able to find in any conventional shoe stores. 

6. Do you have a female role model who inspires you or you look up to?

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Yes. My mum. She is this amazing superwoman who has been working tirelessly for the family and holding the house together after my dad passed away due to sickness almost 20 years ago. She taught me a lot about resilience and hard work and also, what it means to sacrifice for love. 

7. What are you most proud of in your life?

Le Cuore Shoes Celebrating Women

My resilience in handling life situations. It has taught me many lessons and allowed me to grow into a better version of myself.

My early working days was a relatively down period in my life. Nothing seemed to be going well and everything seemed so bleak. Thankfully, I had the strength to choose to not indulge in the negativity and removed myself from the situation. I found ways to break through the fog by finding solutions to the pertinent issues and changing my environment. It was truly difficult to muster the strength during the dark times, but I am glad I did. What doesn't break me only makes me stronger.

8.  Lastly, do you have any advice or encouragement for women who are currently facing challenges in their lives?

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Trust in yourself that you can pull through your challenges and you will emerge a stronger person than you are now. It may seem tough and daunting now, but take heart that once you pull through, you'll be even stronger and ready to take on any other challenges that may come your way. 

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