Colour Block Fashion

Colour Block Fashion

Hello Shoes Lovers! I’m here greeting you into the weekend. The week has been short and I hope you’re looking forward to your weekend.

Today we’re going to talk about colour block fashion. I’m sure you would have heard of such term before, especially for us ladies who does online shopping for apparels and accessories quite frequently. There are a variety of items, like colour block dresses, tops, bottoms, bags, shoes and etc. But what does it really envision? And what does it really mean as colour blocking?

It is thought as the experimenting the use of opposite colours on the colour wheel and pairing them up to create intriguing yet complementary colour combinations. And when it comes to fashion wise, it literally means to wear blocks of colours. Traditionally, colour blocking consists of picking 2 or 3 different but complementary colours to build the apparel. However, as the fashion trend is ever evolving, it has now even transcended to colours that are not directly opposites on the colour wheel.

This fashion trend is widely believed to be inspired by Piet Mondrian, an artist who transits from one century to another. He values simplicity and is always exploring ways on how he can maximise the simplicity, while still capturing the interest and attention to his pieces. At Le Cuore, we are always looking for ways to add value to the customised shoes that customers do with us. We are game to try out different trends, designs and colour combinations to find out what works and what don’t, so that we may give better advice to customers.

All you have to do right now is to pick up your phone and contact us right away to make your appointment. Have a great weekend!



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