Curated Market

Curated Market

Hello Shoes Lovers! Are we in October already?? Hope the month has been kind to all you readers out there!

I’m sure many of our readers, who have been following us, would have noticed our appearances at a few craft markets. These craft markets are also known as curated markets. But what exactly does curated market means and how does it work? The vendors you see at Craft Market are all carefully curated by the organisers. This means that all vendors are carefully selected and approved by the organisers using their professional knowledge to ensure that it fits the theme of the Craft Market and that the visitors at the Craft Market will get to enjoy a wide range of shopping experience.

That being said, we have also noticed that craft markets held at different regions of the country beckons a different kind of trend in the selection of leather materials and styles for their customised pair of shoes. In the central region, we have most of our customers choosing those work-appropriate styles and materials with occasionally 1 or 2 of them deciding to be slightly daring in their selection. Whereas in the east region, quite a fair bit of our customers voiced their own opinions on how they want the different leather materials to be matched and shoe style to be done, some of which we probably have never thought of before.

At Le Cuore, we always try our best to fulfil our customer’s needs and requests and ensure that our customer is fully satisfied with the end product and proud to wear it out all the time. We will be appearing at another Craft Market held at Capitol Piazza from 18 to 20 October 2019. Do come by and show us your support then!

Till then, have a great weekend and enjoy it through and through!



Le Cuore - EK

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