Double Deckers

Double Deckers

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Hello Shoes Lovers! The weekend is here again, in an eye’s blink. Find time to unwind and recharge for an even more rewarding week ahead!

For us, we just rounded up our participation for a pop-up booth at Guoco Tower last week. And boy, are we still overwhelmed by the massive support given to us by our customers (new and old)! From this, we also learn the different preferences of the people passing by or working in that area.

But have you ever thought of what could be the most outrageous/extreme measure that people has gone to in order to make the shoes truly uniquely theirs? One such great example is the shoe dubbed as the “Double Deckers” worn by Mae West in the 30s’. This is a pair of customised Pepenie heels where the heel and platform measure up to 9.5 inches, bringing her to a whooping height of 176.5cm! You see, Mae West was only 5 feet tall (about 152cm) and she wanted a pair that can boost her height and accentuate her silhouette. And ta-da! The Double Deckers were born. This goes to show how innovative and extreme she is with her footwear fashion. Another interesting thing is that because of the weight of the shoes, her iconic way of walking was created! She often glides her way through without lifting her feet.

Although not another pair of Double Decker has been seen after Mae West era, it has slowly evolved into the platform shoes in the modern era. At Le Cuore, we’re always looking for ways to innovate ourselves. Although we are unable to replicate the actual “Double Deckers”, we do offer platform shoes if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that can literally bring you to greater heights. So look no further! Hurry and make your appointment with us, be it at our physical showroom or our “Showroom on Wheels”!



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