Fall-Winter 2019 with Karl Lagerfeld

Fall-Winter 2019 with Karl Lagerfeld

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Helloo elloo to all my readers of Le Cuore’s blogpost. We’re coming to the end of another month again and I hope your month has been great! Here’s a quote of the month for you:

“Fashion has two purposes: Comfort and Love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.” ~ Coco Chanel

And yes!! I am going to share about Chanel and its legendary figure of the century - Karl Lagerfeld. Although he has passed on, his great works will continue.

In this Fall-Winter 2019 season of Chanel, they have featured a lot about Karl Lagerfeld and photos of collections were taken at his famous studio named 7L, as a tribute to him. So why 7L? The answer to that is that it is located at 7 Rue de Lille. Together with this studio is the 7L bookshop, located in the 7th district of Paris. In this bookshop, it has a large collection of catalogues and monographs, mostly dedicating to arts and fashion. 

In this latest Fall-Winter 2019 collection, there’s a lot of heartfelt effort from his team such as having campaign concept using words that best describe Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy. Some of these words include “Amazing”, “Iconic”, “Inspiring”, “Brilliant”, and etc. In remembrance of this iconic figure, this season of Chanel has also launched the collection in the name of “Karl Lagerfeld” and you can spot his name in this collection of bags and clothing.

Have you seen the video of this year’s Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2019 fashion show? It’s spectacular and one of its kind with “out in the woods” theme.

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