Festive Season Promo & Colour Guide

Festive Season Promo & Colour Guide

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TGIF again. Weather has been good and cooling for the past week and we hope you are enjoying it!!

This week, we are going to touch on Festive Season Promo , which is going to be the longest promotion period we have ever had. It starts from today (20 Dec 2019) till 8 Jan 2020!! For those who are planning to buy Chinese New Year’s shoes, do keep us in mind. 

There are times where we want to go all out to look fabulous for an occasion, all dressed up for the day and all. An occasion naturally calls for beautiful shoes, which many a time, ends up in your shoe rack/ cupboard/ storeroom. How about considering something loud yet subtle? Sounds contradicting? Think about it this way, when you like glitter, you don’t necessarily need to go all the way out to have a pair of shoes in full glitter. You can have parts of it in glitter or shimmer, and the rest remains in plain colours. This allows you to shine yet not be overly sparkly; you can then wear that same pair of shoes on normal days.

Colours combination. This is one of my all time favourite topic. I read an article recently talking about colour wheels, which talks about the natural order of colours from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. This is known to be one of the easiest way of colour matching. From there, you can streamline into monochromatic (single colour in different gradient), complimentary (opposite shades which can be quite daring), analogous (usually 2 to 3 shades that are side by side in the colour wheels), triadic (3 shades in the colour wheel that are equal distance apart from each other, and neutral (grey, cream, navy, beige). Skin tone does play a part too. For example, some people suit gold whereas some people look better in rose gold instead.

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