Getting Fitted

Getting Fitted

Hello everyone again, I hope you are had a good week and if you didn’t, let’s just hope your weekends will be awesome.

Today I will be sharing with you on the patience to get your right fit, because it will change over time.

As your body ages, your feet which takes in most damage due to gravity and weight gain tends to change. For example, you might have fit a 39 when you were 20 but now at 30 you find yourself buying sized 40-41 as with the wear and tear our feet tend to get longer and wider, which is a result of our ligaments and tendons becoming more lax over time. This will result in slight changes of sizes. 

Everyone also has a unique foot shape and size. When you get measured for your shoes, do not be alarmed if your right foot size is different from your left. Let us ensure you that this is totally NORMAL.

As we are customizing each and every pair to fit you right, we want to ensure you that we will never to tell you accept sizes that are even slightly tight or even slightly loose.And neither should you accept any less or what you fitsyour feet nicely and comfortably.

Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved on the first try occasionally, despite our best efforts. But all these are the necessary steps that we are willing to walk with you every step of the way till you get your perfect fit.

Here at Le Cuore, we are dedicated to give your feet the best loving they deserve and the best service you deserve.

Le Cuore - IT

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