HAPPY NATIONAL DAY with a tinge of sharing

HAPPY NATIONAL DAY with a tinge of sharing

Happy 53rd Birthday, Singapore!! You have come a long way to your success! Kudos to each and every person who has contributed to our country’s success as well as those who still continue to contribute to the growth of our nation. This has kept Singapore to be such a vibrant and competitive first-class country.

 In this hectic society where most people walk fast, having a good pair of shoes goes a long way. Then again, it is a common belief and choice that comfort should overrule design. Why? Have the best of both worlds!

Here are some of the factors contributing to a pair of good heels:

1)     Stability. It is very important for a pair of heels to be stable for walking. The next time you buy a pair of shoes, do remind yourself to press on the heel to check on stability, ensuring it does not wobble. Another point to check will be again, pressing on the heel, check for gaps in between the sole and the ground. A good pair of heels should not have this gap.

2)     Grab of shoes. We know it is not good to buy tight shoes because it squeezes your toes, but do you know, it is not good to buy shoes that are loose too? More often than we like, most of us have the habit of when trying a pair of shoes, “This is a bit tight, I should get one size bigger for comfort so that my toes can wriggle around” or “This is just nice, maybe one size bigger will be better”. WRONG! A good pair of heels should firmly wrap around your feet without excess so as to provide you with good stability. It should also give you a firm grab so that your shoes do not slide off when you are walking.

Remember, a bad pair of shoes will not give you just blisters and discomfort, but having a lot more consequences such as affecting the spine which may lead to headaches or body aches, swollen feet, deterioration of bunion or flat foot conditions, and etc.

There are a lot more factors relating to your choice of shoes, and we hope to be able to share with you our thoughts as often as possible. Shoes is something you need for a lifetime, call it a necessity, call it a need. Start giving more love to your feet, start with choosing us.



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