Hearing You, Feeling You...

Hearing You, Feeling You...

We hear you!! We have received numerous concerns and feedbacks, our team here and myself at Le Cuore consolidated feedbacks and have been hard at work wrecking our brains to help you out.

To be honest, it brings back a lot of memories when I faced the same issues buying ready-made shoes. I actually stuck to the same pair of shoes eventually buying 7 pairs of it (stopping only when it discontinued)! As crazy as this sounds, it is really not easy finding a pair that you really like which also meets the criteria of your needs.

When buying a pair of shoes which doesn’t fit well, be it giving you blisters, rashes, doesn’t give a good grip, lining smells after some time, and many more. When this happens, the one overall point is you have to cast it aside and kiss your money goodbye. Ouch!!! So here comes the point of why will you want to risk spending this amount of money buying something that you can’t be guaranteed.

In this week’s post, we wanna share more about our aftersales service.

1)      What if the shoes don’t really fit after you make them?

First of all, you have customised your shoes based on your needs, therefore, chances of not fitting are reduced by at least half. I know, here comes the next question about the other half possibility. We will do the necessary adjustment for you till it fits, be it too tight, too loose, or even giving you blister problems.

2)      What if the heel cap spoil after a while due to friction or wear and tear? Will my shoes go to waste?

We are always here for you. We provide service of changing heel caps and free polishing for as long as the shoes are still in wearable condition.

3)      I can’t visualise how my shoes will look like. What if it doesn’t turn out nice?

Well, on a personal feel, that is the exciting part of this journey. First, to challenge your imagination. Second, to be your own fashion designer. But of course, we won’t leave you aside and let your imagination run too wild. We have professionals who will give you some tips and guide/ advice as you go along.

I hope this post does answer some questions and allow you readers have a better idea about us. 😉

Till then again… See you soon!!



Le Cuore

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