In Nation We Trust

In Nation We Trust

Happy birthday, Singapore! As the celebration of her 54th birthday is fast approaching, let’s not forget to commemorate Singapore Bicentennial this year that marks the 200th anniversary of Sir Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore!

Looking back the history of Singapore with a very much humble beginning as a small fishing village in the past, no one will truly believe just over two centuries that she has been developing and transforming herself so drastically and miraculously into the current one of the most modernized and successful countries in the world!

If one makes a due diligence into her success, it is not difficult to find that Singapore’s path to success is not based on “luck”, but a sheer effort by a group of highly disciplined, diligent and wise leaders who contributed meticulously and selflessly in building the nation up to the current state. Based on mutual respect and trust, Singaporeans and the residents here can therefore lead a life filled with dignity, prosperity and happiness.

Here at Le Cuore, we strive to build her up based on mutual trust and respect too. With its humble start, we have pledged ourselves to make shoes with the heart right from the beginning. This would mean from shoe designs, to manufacturing, till delivery and customer service, all must be very customer-focused to meet individuals’ needs. It would also mean that regardless of how many extra miles that we have to take, customer satisfaction is always in the top priority and a good way to measure a deal is done successfully, only when a customer is happy with the product and service. It is always easier said than done, but for the past year, we have been sowing diligently and with much disciplined approach. Today, we are proud to say that the customer base is growing exponentially with high approval rating!

Our resolution for the coming year is to groom Le Cuore into your lifetime shoe partner that is trustworthy, just like Singapore a Nation that citizens and residents find it so dependable. Whilst time is a good checker on promises one makes, we shall continue to press on with the healthy perspective of life and confidence. Come join in the fun with us to celebrate the National Day where you will enjoy $54 off for two pairs of shoes made, till 15th August!

Have a nice ultra long weekend!



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