Less Bitter, More Glitter

Less Bitter, More Glitter

Hey Le Cuoreans,

It’s me, ET again! Hope your week has been good. If it has, keep on glittering shining. If it has been bitter, we hope this post sparkles you up abit.

This week, I am going to talk about GLITTERS!! This is a personal preference for me and I will share with you WHY! I have glitter notebooks, glitter pens, glitter phone cover, glitter earrings, etc. So, glitter shoes seem like a norm for me to own a pair or two (maybe even more). I do not know when my love for glitter starts but glitters do make me happy seeing them sparkle.

Talking about glitter leather shoes, it gets one thinking how? Leather & Glitter does not seem to be able to link together? Yes and no, Leather coated with a layer of glitter is possible. I have customers asking me if the glitters will drop off and leave with one patch botak. Answer is NOPE! You will continue to shine high. For daring customers, I will say go ahead and shine bright with the whole entire pair in glitters. For customers on the safe side and yet wanting a little sparkle in their design, I will say add a little glitter on certain parts of the shoes. See, not all glitters are shiningly WOW in your face. Some glitters may come with black base, with a tinge of purple or pink or silver glitter, that gives a subtle yet elegant and not so “in your face” kind of style. Only ladies loves glitters? Not true because we have guys making glitter shoes as well. What’s your thoughts? 😉

For more designs and ideas about glitter shoes, do visit our website or facebook or Instagram to take a look. Glitter your way to us by dropping us a PM on facebook or by whatsapp. Get into the festive season now!

Happy weekend! Like if you love glitters like me!!



Le Cuore, ET

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