Living Coral to Bleached Coral

Living Coral to Bleached Coral

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Helloo Ello Le Cuore peeps,

Happy September. I am honoured to be the one starting and ending September with my post. 😊 

Coming to the last quarter of the year, plans for 2020 have been pretty much rolled out. For example, next fashion wave for 2020 (this has of course been planned out way ahead), next hair trend for 2020, and even the next trending colour for 2020.

Earlier this year, we spoke about the pantone colour of 2019 being LIVING CORAL. This colour is a good mix of pink and orange, giving a vibrant, playful and a tinge of sunshine feel. Moving toward 2020, the colour still stays as CORAL, but it will be BLEACHED CORAL.

Why bleached coral? The first impression of mentioning this phrase makes me feel a little “eeww” because that sounds quite damaging. Well, this is the message that the creative duo Jack + Huei wants to bring across, who are also the ones who decided on Living Coral. The purpose behind this change from Living Coral to Bleached Coral is rather meaningful, with an intention to draw attention from the mass public about the environmental crisis that is killing the Great Barrier Reef. Over the last 3 years, 45% of the coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef had died. The Bleached Coral is a reference to the colour of coral after it dies. Making a stance in Pantone and deciding on this colour, it serves to remind the public to put more effort into the environmental efforts for corals and other areas as well. So, now you know, the next time you look at this colour, please think of contributing a small part to save the environment in one way or another. I am definitely looking forward to this impactful move of seeing fashion in Bleached Coral.

Personally, I am really touched by the message behind this effort. I have a friend, who graduated from Marine Biology and became a diver for a couple of years, shared with me that corals only grow one centimetre per year. Imagine tourist who loves doing the touristy stuff by stepping on the corals, how many centimetres of the coral is damaged? Just for a reference, my foot length is 23.5cm, which means it will take 23 years for the coral to grow back, or it might not even grow back.

Concluding this article, I look forward to all my customers who would like to take up the challenge to make a pair of Bleached Coral shoes for the upcoming year. This would impact the public and serves as a reminder whenever a Bleach Coral object is seen. Let’s do it!! It’s never too early to plan. 😉  I have a few ideas already generating in my head and my team looks forward to giving you more advice.

Till the next time, ciao.


Le Cuore- ET

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