Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air

As we are stepping into the final two months of Year 2018, it’s high time for us to do some soul searching and make some good resolutions for a new year. It’s also a good time for catching up with friends and loved ones during this festive season! Perhaps more importantly, it’s the precious moment expressing our love and thanksgiving to those around us who have never failed to shower us with their blessings and support! 

These days we are exploited by choices of gifts and souvenirs, it is poised as a challenge in getting the right pick for someone special, that is not only unique and outstanding, but also creating a lasting impression in his/her heart. With this in mind, we humbly invite you to consider our newly launch value-added service – Le Cuore Gift Voucher!

LC Gift Voucher is designed for exchange of custom-made shoes and its accessories. On contrary to the past myth that giving shoes as a gift is a taboo, it gives a person the feeling of being so special and heart-warming when he or she receives a LC Gift Voucher from you. It only demonstrates how caring and thoughtful you are, as walking is a daily privilege for most individuals, and you care enough for your loved one by providing him/her a comfortable, custom-made pair of shoes or more, that are uniquely designed and owned by him/her, so that his/her feet won’t get too tired or hurt after a long day!

So this year, why don’t consider doing something very special for your loved ones by giving them LC Gift Vouchers? Because at Le Cuore, we make shoes with our HEART! 



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