Love is in the Air!!

Love is in the Air!!

Hey Le Cuoreans,

Are you busy getting gifts/ presents for Christmas? Me too! I have been shopping like crazy for my loved ones to give them each a special gift on this special holiday.

While I was shopping, I noticed a wide variety of packaging options. There were the everyday packaging option for all occasions but now there is also the added Christmas packaging! Some of the Christmas themed packages looked really nice and elegant while some were the cliché Christmas themed. Some looks really practical while some looks like it’s going to be hiding somewhere in the room.

If you are considering to gift to your loved one a unique gift, I would strongly encourage you to keep us in your consideration. We do customisation of leather ladies’ shoes and men shoes, ranging from formal to casual. You get to customise a pair based on:

1)      Design- If you have a design, we can see if we work something similar. Else, we have sample designs in our showroom and a wide range of shoes samples in our album.

2)      Your choice of leather- We have a series of leathers for you to choose from, ranging from plain coloured leather, brush off leather, nubuck leather, lace (on top of a layer of leather), glitter leather, lamb skin, and etc. Trust me; you will be awed by the selection.

3)      Your choice of accessories- We have a series of buckles, ribbons, tassels, pom poms, for your selection. And guess what, some of the ribbons are made of leather too!

4)      Your selection of heel height (For ladies)- Your choice of flats, 2 inches heels, 2-1/2 inches heels, 3 inches heels, 3-1/2 inches heels. Ok, up till this point, it pretty common. The breath-taking part is 4 inches heels onwards. Imagine looking tall and elegant like some Hollywood celebrities, yes, you dictate the design and we make your vision!

5)      Measurement of feet- Have you heard? We offer a wide range of sizes (as compared to what you see from the mass market), from size 33 to 41, with half sizes in between. We have a lot of satisfied customers who are WOW-ed with the smallest size and the biggest size we have, so yes, this gives you an idea why you should look for us.

After all the explanation above, are you expecting a sky-high price? Say a ball park figure of $500 per pair? Good guess there, but no. We still try to make it as affordable as possible. For ladies, the price per pair starts from $180. For men, the price per pair starts from $230.

Isn’t this attractive? This is such a practical gift. We also talked about some taboo of gifting shoes. But look at what effort we have put in creating gift vouchers, indirectly gifting shoes without violating the rule of taboo. Your loved ones stay on with you. 😊 

Long story short, remember Le Cuore, shoes made with the heart. Customise a pair with us today.

Contact Elsa at 8299 0294. All enquiries/ questions/ fashion advice are welcomed. 😊

This is probably my last post of the year. Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019!!



Le Cuore- ET

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