Men Shoes Guide- Understanding Brogue

Men Shoes Guide- Understanding Brogue

Helloo ello everyone. Hope your week has been good. Coming to the end of the year, we are experiencing more days of gloomy weather but do remember to keep your spirits up!!

On a biased note, we have been favouring Ladies Fashion a little more, but today, we are going to talk about Men Fashion, just on shoes. Most guys will own at least a pair of shoes with brogue and today we are sharing about origins of brogue and different styles of brogue.

First of all, we need to understand the word Brogue, which is derive from an old Gaelic word “Bróg” which means shoes, and meant to refer to rough shoes, with history starting all the way back in the 17th century. Brogue was originally designed by the Scottish to drain water out of the shoes. Evolving over time, Brogue today refers to decorative patterns and serrations. There are different kinds of Brogues such as Wingtip, Semi, Quarter, and Longwing. So, here’s the difference. Wingtip brogue is usually referring to the portion at the tip of the shoes, in a “W” or “M” shape, depending on your viewpoint. Sometimes, it may come with some perforated decorative patterns at the tip which is being referred to as medallion. Longwing brogue refers to the “wings” of the wingtip fully wrapped around the length of the shoes and meeting at the centre seam at the heel. Semi Brogues refers to Brogue at top cap without wings or extensions, and feature broguing along the edge and sides as well. Coming to the last common one, which is the Quarter Brogue, is similar to Semi Brogue, except that it does not comes with medallion or broguing at the edge and sides.

With this, there are different kinds of closure style such an Oxford (the most common dress shoes/ formal shoes), Derby (semi-formal), Ghillie, and Monk. All these styles are available at Le Cuore.

There is a phrase in Kingsman movie that says, “Oxford, not Brogues”. What does it mean? For the curious ones to analyse and find out. 😊

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