Monochrome - What a Misconception!

Monochrome - What a Misconception!

Hello Shoes Lovers! We have come round to yet another weekend! Here’s hoping that you have a fruitful weekend planned!

Are you aware of the colours that you usually wear? Take a look at your wardrobe! Does it consist mainly of black, white or mixed colours? You may be thinking, “why is she asking questions about my wardrobe?”. Well, because today we’re going to talk about the ever-popular monochrome trend! What comes to your mind when I mention “Monochrome”? Must be involving the colours black, white and grey right? But do you know, it actually means more than that! In fact, it can refer to wearing one colour in varying shades to make up the monochromatic fashion style.

So now the question is, how do you pull off this monochrome style? It is really not that difficult. The first step is to decide what colour you are comfortable with and complements your skin tone. Once you decided, the next step is just to experiment with the different pieces and come out with several key outfits.

For your shoes, look no further to Le Cuore! Because we have launched our first ever collection under Lady Elsa, and most of them are designed with the monochromatic scheme in mind!! Yeah! Now you can complete the look with Lady Elsa Collection 1. Even if you do not find the collection to your liking, you can always get in contact with us with your idea and we will do our best to materialise. Hurry and make your appointment with us, be it at our physical showroom or our “Showroom on Wheels”!



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