National Day Customised Shoes

National Day Customised Shoes

Singapore celebrated National Day very differently this year because of the pandemic. The customary grand celebration at the Padang was replaced with mobile columns, air shows, and fireworks brought to the people in the heartlands; and the performance staged in The Star Theatre.

At Le Cuore, we have also decided to do something different this year to remember this unusual time we are in. As a way to show our appreciation for our small yet strong and resilient nation, we have created five customised shoes designs that symbolises the Singapore in our hearts.

The concept was simple: it will be a red resin accessory on a pair of white heels to represent the colours of our National flag. The design of the resin accessory will be based on our individual experiences of a Singaporean living in Singapore.

These 5 designs are the results after several weeks of brainstorming. We had fun designing them and we hope you like them too!

Design #1: The HDB

Le Cuore National Day Shoes

The inspiration behind the design is our iconic and beloved HDB flats. We wanted to use resin to recreate what we imagine HDB flats would look like as a shoe accessory. The result is a group of squares in different sizes that represent the varieties of HDB flats we have in Singapore. ♥️

To us, this is also a reminder that we are blessed to have a roof over our head and are living in safe and secure Singapore where we call our home. 🇸🇬

Design #2: Singapore Town

Le Cuore National Day Shoes

The inspiration for this design is actually from our founder's favourite national day song that she loved to sing when she was younger:

"Because in Singapore, Singapore, our hearts are big and wide you find. We'll find happiness, for everyone!"

Do you remember the name of this song? 😎
Hint: it’s the name of this design.

Design #3:  A Gift to be Born Here - Part I

Le Cuore National Day Shoes


The inspiration for this third design came while we were musing about how our government had deployed so much of our country's reserves ($48B as of now) to take care of us during the pandemic.

Ribbons represent gifts and we are so thankful that we were given this gift to be born and raised in Singapore; where we have a prosperous and stable economy that has the resources to take care of her people in times of crisis.

Design #4: A Gift to be Born Here - Part II

Le Cuore National Day Shoes

We wanted to say more about our prosperous and stable economy and we were led to think about our port where it gives us a strategic advantage over our neighbours in terms of trading. The red and white colour blocks of the ribbons were inspired by the blocks and blocks of colourful shipping containers seen in our bustling port.

Design #5: The Little Red Dot, A Small But Strong Nation

Le Cuore National Day Shoes

The inspiration for this design came from our endearing moniker "Little Red Dot". We decided to modify it to a "Little Red Heart" to show our love for Singapore - a place we love and truly call Home. :D

Now having seen all the 5 designs, leave us a comment and let us know which design you like the best! We would love to know ❤️

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