Now Everyone Can Make Custom-Made Shoes

Now Everyone Can Make Custom-Made Shoes

It is true that there is no free lunch in this world. Everything comes with a price that comprises of both fixed and variable costs plus a profit margin.

Whilst operating costs are unavoidable, there are means and ways to manage them more effectively and reasonably. Take customised shoe-making business in Singapore context as an example. By setting an outlet at a high human traffic locality in order to boost the business seems a logical business decision. However, that would easily translate into relatively high fixed costs due to higher rental and extra miscellaneous expenses at prime location! The business owner has no choice but to hike up the shoe price in order to cover the cost plus a reasonable profit margin. At the end, consumers like us will need to pay high price for making a pair of shoes, just because of the choice of outlet locality made by a seller!

What if we set up the shoe outlet at a more outskirt area, less human traffic yet still readily accessible, like a warehouse or factory area?  How about we do away with conventional channels of advertisements and rely on spread of mouths by satisfying customers? With a relatively low rental and expenses, the operating costs will come down and that can be translated into a cheaper price for making a pair of uncompromised good quality shoes!

At Le Cuore, that’s our motivation to provide shoe lovers with quality products and value-added services at very reasonable prices! We serve the customers by appointments only so as to provide the highest standard of personalised services to each of you. We are determined to make this happen to cultivate a group of happy and faithful supporters like you!

Now everyone can own custom-made shoes!


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