Shoes Traditions

Shoes Traditions

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Hello shoes lovers! Hope it has been an enjoyable Christmas celebration week for all you readers out there!

And talking about Christmas, do you know that there are some traditions involving shoes? I bet that this is the first time you have heard of such traditions. I definitely have not heard of it before. So, this happens in Iceland where the children will place their shoes on the windows in hope that the Yule Lads will fill up their shoes with delightful little presents and treats. This continues on every night till Christmas Eve and the children must earn it through being well behaved and being kind to one another, else they might otherwise find a potato in their shoes instead!

Similarly in Brazil, the children will leave their shoes outside on Christmas Eve for Papai Noel (their version of Santa Claus), in hope that he will leave delightful treats for them to find on Christmas morning. In Czech Republic, there is one particular tradition reserved specially for Christmas and it’s the shoe toss. It’s believed that if you throw a shoe over your shoulder on Christmas Day, you will get married soon! I would think this is more of a superstition than tradition though.

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