Show, Share and Shoe-lebrate Yourself

Show, Share and Shoe-lebrate Yourself

Hello my fellow Le Cuoreans and to our new Le Cuoreans, welcome and I hope you are looking forward to the weekend.

At Le Cuore, we work with the one rule “shoes from the heart”, let me share more on that today. We want to spread our love of shoes and the love for our feet to bring out the best and bring out the beauty hiding within you. So we have all embarked on journey to help you create the pair of shoes that is affordable, lasting, comfortable and beautiful as we all know that is not necessarily the easiest task. We have started journeys with different individuals to bring their own kind of beautiful to reality and we love seeing the sparkle that appears on our new and returning Le Cuoreans when they get their new pair of shoes.

So with the holiday season coming up have fun and Shoe-lebrate yourself and share it with your family, friends and your fellow Le Cuore Family!

Treat yourself and when you are heading out with your Le Cuore shoes - share with us how you match your shoes with your daily outfit, activities and how you are preparing for your holiday season.

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