Showroom on Wheels!

Showroom on Wheels!

Hello my fellow Le Cuoreans and Hello to you if you are new here.

Have you wanted to make an appointment with us but found that the hours do not suit you and you might not make it in time after work? Fret not. We have received numerous requests and feedback of our showroom and how inaccessible to some of you. So, we heard you and decided to bring our showroom to you!

So Ladies and Gents, we are packing up and introducing you to our latest adventure just for you-  our shoe showroom on wheels.

We understand that some of you stay on the other side of the island and the east side might not be the most convenient location for you. So we are packing up and travelling around the island right to you and a time convenient to you. With this added convenience, we can cater to you with better time slots and your best suited location.

So, what else is stopping you, be quick to contact Elsa at 9048 9917 to make an appointment today and we will be coming right to your doorstep to bring your personalized Le Cuore experience to you.

When you make an appointment with us, do tell us the sizes you usually wear so we can also help to pack an extra sample size just for you. But this is not only limited to single appointments, you can also organize a hangout at your home with your girlfriends or boyfriends to all make a pair of shoes as well!!

Our lines are open and we looking forward to meet new Le Cuoreans and even catch up with our current Le Cuoreans.

Love you guys lots.


Le Cuore - IT

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