Size Matters, Defining Shoe Size

Size Matters, Defining Shoe Size

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Hope your October has been well. We have been actively present in different parts of Singapore, participating in curated markets. Today, we are at Mapletree Business City 2. If you are around the area, do drop by and check us out.

You know yourself best, in terms of what style suits you, which shade of colour suits you, and even what size do you usually wear. Have you wondered how these sizes are being determined? Ranging across the world, we have well-known systems such as US sizing, UK sizing and EU sizing. We also have less popular systems such as Japanese system, Australia system, and etc.  Does Singapore have our own size system? Based on my research, nope, we don’t. We usually follow US, UK or EU, which are the ones we are going more in depth today.

Starting from UK sizing system, which is commonly known as Barleycorn system, is derived starting from ” which is deemed as the smallest size possible. As such, this is Size Zero (0). For adult sizing, it starts from Size 1 which is equivalent to 26 barleycorns or 8” (22.01cm). Formula of adult shoe size as follow:

Adult Shoe Size: (3x length of foot in inches)-23

Example: (3 x 9.25)-23 = 4.75 (which means Size 5)

Moving on to US sizing system, which is using the Brannock system (a measuring instrument used to measure length and width of foot). In the US system, sizing starts from One (1) instead Zero (0). Formula for adult shoe size as follow:

Men Shoe Size: (3 x length of foot in inches)- 22

Women Shoe Size (one size up): (3 x length of foot in inches) – 21

Example: (3 x 9.25)-21= 6.75 (Size 6.5 maybe?)

Next, we have EU sizing system, which is expressed in Paris Point. The main concept of Paris point is  of a centimetre, with the formula of:

Adult Shoe Size: (  x length of foot in centimetre) + 2 (allowance)

Example: (  x 23.5) + 2 = 37.25 (size 37.5 maybe?)

Concluding this, I just revealed that I am a:

UK Size 5/ US Size 6.5/ EU Size 37.5

What’s yours?

Having said all these calculations, it still does differ a little from chart to chart (if you are googling your answers now). Different shoes last (or commonly known as mould in general term) and different cutting does play a part in the slight difference of sizes.

So, after understanding your shoe size, how about making a pair of shoes with Le Cuore? We will be glad to assist you in not just understanding your needs, but also selecting your ideal design, choice of leather, heel height, and etc. All needed to be made into a pair of ideal shoes!! We look forward to serving you. Do follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get updates of where we roam next.

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