Smallest What???

Smallest What???

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Hello Shoes Lovers! Hope the week has been kind to you and the weekend even better!

Has the titled piqued your curiosity already on what we are going to talk about this weekend? You must be thinking I’m going along the line of smallest feet or smallest shoe made right? You’re close, but nope, it’s definitely something more technologically advanced!

Ok, here goes: It is a footwear-producing robot called “Uneekbot” built by an outdoor lifestyle brand called Keen. And.. wait for it... It’s the world’s smallest shoe factory that assembles custom made shoes in 6 minutes! 6 minutes?!? How fast is that? However, although the robot can assemble the shoe in about 6 minutes, the entire process from start to end still requires about 25 minutes. You could probably grab a quick bite nearby and come back to a new pair of shoes already! What’s interesting about this sandal Uneek is that the entire shoe is held together by a single cord that weaves its way through both the sole and a lightweight upper.

The motivation behind this invention is that the company is looking for ways to bring the Uneek brand to a newer and higher level. They knew that they had to come up with something that is as original as the shoe concept itself. Thus, Uneekbot was built and introduced to the world. It’s capable of building customised versions of the sandal, anytime and anywhere. As it runs solely on electricity (using solar power and batteries) and air pressure, you literally can run this robot anytime anywhere. However, this invention is not without its flaw. The technology behind it is still not advanced enough to render it entirely automated and would still require a human handler to load, align, unload the sole and finish the shoe by hand. Technology never fails to amaze us, do they?

At Le Cuore, though we do not have robots to help us assemble the shoes and allow you to collect within a short span of time, we are always dedicated to ensuring that every pair that leaves our hand is always satisfactory to customer. We will be having a pop up booth at Aperia Mall from 2 to 8 Dec 2019. If you’re nearby, come by and speak to us! Till then, you have yourself a great weekend ahead!



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