Snow White Outfit & Shoes

Snow White Outfit & Shoes

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I suppose everyone in the world, regardless of age, gender and nationality, knows who Snow White is. She is in fact the heroine of Disney’s very first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, originally released in 1937!

Based on a fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, the story is about a princess whose evil step-mother (the Queen) REALLY doesn’t like her because of some serious narcissism issues. The Queen tries to have Snow killed, but instead she holes up with some very messy dwarves who are in desperate need of a mother/housekeeper. As an unliberated woman, she cleans their house and they decide they like her. Meanwhile, the evil Queen, who is in dire need of counselling, disguises herself as an old woman and poisons Snow with an apple. Everyone thinks Snow is dead, but then a random Prince with an obvious fetish for necrophilia wanders along, kisses Snow, and she comes back to life. The Prince takes her off to his castle, where no doubt they live together happily ever after.

Interesting enough, Disney gives Snow White only TWO outfits over the decades, i.e. the original 1930s ensemble with bow headband, Peter Pan collar, long and wavy bob, popular makeup, short and puffy sleeve, blouse with a pinafore look, and a pair of “oldey timey” look clogs. For the other outfit, it is a combination over a span of 1940s to 19th century – her hair and makeup does not change, but the dress and shoes do change drastically into the current famous blue, red and yellow ensemble. The puffed sleeves, slashed to show another colour underneath, is a 16th century reference, whilst the standing white collar is a 16th century reference too! Her long skirt without wearing a hoop under it reflects the trend in Europe in 16th century. And lastly, her shoes design, particularly the angle on the heels, shows its 1940s look. Her yellow heels with ribbon match perfectly with her yellow skirt.

Nowadays, Snow White outfits and its shoes have become so popular that they form a class of its own. You can easily find the Snow White shoes online or a retail shop. They come in the form of heels, slipper heels, flip flops, etc. Shoes are indeed so fascinating!

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