Spirit of Local Singapore- GSS

Spirit of Local Singapore- GSS

Helloo elloo people,

As per norm, I hope your week has been great!! Or, if not, beginning to get better (since the weekend is here) and time to get your feet up to start shopping. It is the time of the year for GSS SALES!!

Here we go, today I will be sharing about GSS (Great Singapore Sales) (formerly known as The GSS), which I guess I can categorise it as both a brand and an event name. For those who are around the same age group as me, we would probably know about GSS since our childhood like an event that grew up together with us naturally. In a flash of time, GSS is 25 years old this year! Woohoo!!

Just a short quick background of GSS because I think it is important to trace the roots instead of just knowing it is a major SALES SALES SALES event. GSS started back in 1994 (I was old enough to understand what GSS was) by Singapore Retailer Association and co-organised by retailer stores and tourism industry. Over the years, this event has been so influential that almost every other retail store will have their own major attractive sales. It does not only apply to fashion retailers, but also to F&B industry, electronic industry and even service industry such as spa, etc (basically you name any brand also will have GSS sales la). In addition to that, even online stores are also tapping on this event and have their own attractive sales. How exciting is that!!

Wassup for this year’s GSS?

This year’s GSS is known as GSS: Experience Singapore, which includes a new range of exciting experiences in Orchard and Kampung Glam. There are fashion mobs going around in Orchard road where fashion brandings takes their stand to showcase their collection during pedestrian crossing period. Discounts are up to 70%!! GSS is running for a straight 5 weeks, all the way till 28 July 2019. 7 July 2019 marks a special day of GSS, also known as 7.7 GST absorbed day!! YES, it is another 7% off your shopping amount (with minimum spending of $100). Do check out the whole long list of participating retailers!!

What has Le Cuore gotta offer this GSS?

Of cos we will not miss this opportunity for such a fun wild event. While crazily burning your pockets for this month, do spend wisely and maybe think of getting a good pair of shoes that will probably last you for at least a year? Here at Le Cuore, we are running a few series of promo because it coincides with our 1st birthday too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LE CUORE!! Promo details in short:

1)      Promo for CUSTOMISED shoes. One & Only, Two makes a twin, Three for Triple

2)      Promo for LADY ELSA collection. Yes, it is only the first collection. But why not join in the fun?!

3)      Promo for display shoes (considered new except for a few tries). Going at a ridiculously CHEAP price.

So do check us out!!

We will also be having a couple of pop up booths lined up in the upcoming months so do follow us closely on our Instagram and Facebook.

See you around. Ciaoz.



Le Cuore- ET

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