Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman

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Hello Le Cuoreans and a warm welcome to our new visitors. Today, I would like to introduce to you Stuart Weitzman.

Stuart Weitzman, is the man who designs and produces some of the most expensive shoes in the market. With a record holding USD 3 million pair of heels for Rita Hayworth, the elegant pair was adorned with earrings that belonged to the starlet. It was made with Sienna Satin with various gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

His humble shoe journey started in the early 1960s where he started designing shoes for Seymour Shoes which was a shoe factory owned by his father and his older brother, Seymour and Warren Weitzman. After his father’s passing in 1965, he began running the business with his brother and eventually sold the company in Spain in 1971 and he stayed on to continue designing shoes. In 1994, he restarted the businessagain and continued the manufacturing of his designs in Spain. 

Weitzman is notoriously known for his unique million dollar shoes designs worn on red carpets at the Oscars. One of the more notable designs was a pair of platinum sandals that was designed with 464 individually encrusted diamonds which was worn by Laura Harring at the 2002 Oscars Ceremony.

When designing shoes, Weitzman incorporates a lot of unique and rare materials which includes corks, silk, real 24 karat gold, lucit, vinyl, gemstones and wallpaper. His designs have been adored by women as they are filled with great imagination, elegant and glamorous. This is no surprise as the Weitzman himself has long believed in designing the perfect shoes should not only function well but also make the woman wearing his shoes feel beautiful. This thinking drives his company to have already produced over 590 designs and styles annually, continuously experimenting and inventing new materials, heels and methods to improve the his shoes in comfortability and style. Weitzman company is now owned by Coach for US $574 million dollars with a condition Weitzman continues designing shoes.

Weitzman has inspired myself, that there is no limit to our imagination in design and at Le Cuore we keep to the same design concept where we constantly strive to provide you shoes which are comfortable and bring out more of the beautiful you.

Don’t limit yourself, contact and enquire about what we can do to make your perfect pair today. And guess what, it won’t cost you millions.


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