Thank You

Thank You

I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing team whom has been working extremely hard for the past one month or so, to make wonders happen.


We have just revamped our website and all these couldn’t have happened without the support of my team. A big shoutout to @Missy Evilyn, whom has been coordinating everything since Day 1. Thank you so much for all your effort, for standing with me through the ups and downs throughout this journey.


Thank you and deep appreciation to Joann @wordsgeneration for setting such a strong foundation for the website. I will truly miss the days where we have rounds of discussions, throwing out ideas to make the website look better.

Thank you @Nurwidya (aka Elsie) whom, for the past one month, day in day out, always on the ball, making sure things happen and always performing beyond expectations. I really appreciate all your efforts. On top of overseeing the website, this lady was also the main person whom organised the WFH Slipper Competition. All in a month.


Steadyrock Studios

Big thank you to @steadyrock for the great photos taken and provided. It definitely brought the website to another level. Thank you for taking up our last minute requests to make things happen. Please continue to produce amazing work.


Not forgetting my business partner, @Samuel, whom has been a true mentor and partner working hand in hand with me for the past years. Thank you for being there, always providing constructive advice and having my back.


To conclude, I would like to say to my team, THANK YOU for believing in Le Cuore. It is definitely beyond words on how thankful I am to have this team. Thank you for making miracles happen, time and again. Together, I believe we can achieve greater heights.


Be your own kind of be-you-tiful, my amazing team.


Elsa, Le Cuore

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