The Golden Shoes

The Golden Shoes

Have you wonder how it will feel like wearing a pair of shoes made of gold?

This story happened in the Western Highlands long long time ago. A Mighty King was devastated when his Queen died, leaving with him a baby daughter. To take care of the little Princess, the King agreed to remarry again, who eventually gave birth to another daughter. As the two princesses were growing up, the Queen turned jealous on the elder one over her beauty. So when the King was away making war with another King in the Western Isles, the Queen started to ill-treat the stepdaughter by sending her to a far-away field to herd the sheep, often beating her and not giving her any food. However, the kind Princess was well-taken care of by a grey-horned sheep who constantly brought her food.

Time flied and many years later, a handsome young Prince from the southwest of Scotland came to hunt in the Western Highlands, and he saw this beautiful young Princess and fell in love with her. When the Queen learnt about their courtship, she was furious and immediately quarantined the Princess in the Palace kitchen as a servant. However, the Princess managed to find chance of stealing out a little while in every evening and met with her loved Prince.

One day, the Prince brought her a present - a pair of beautiful golden shoes, which fitted her dainty feet to perfection. She was so pleased with them - and with their giver -   that she stayed longer than usual with him; and when she realized how time had passed she took fright and started to run back to the Palace as quickly as possible. In her haste she dropped one of her golden shoes, and she was afraid to wait to pick it up. So the Prince picked up the little golden shoe and he ran after her; but when he reached the Palace the great gate was closed. On the following day he took the golden shoe with him and went boldly to the Palace and proposed to the Queen that he wanted to marry the owner of the golden shoe. Out of greed, the Queen forced the younger Princess to wear it into her unfit foot by chopping off her toes. The poor Prince was naturally much taken aback at this turn of affairs! But the Queen insisted on sending out invitations to the Prince's wedding with her daughter, which she decided was to take place on the following day!

When the marriage service was about to begin, a bird came and alighted on the window sill, and said repeatedly: "The blood's in the shoe, and the pretty foot's in the niche at the back of the fire!" The Prince was alerted and made a hard search in the Palace and at the end, he came to the kitchen and found the niche at the back of the fire, and standing in it, with a little golden shoe on one foot, was his beautiful shepherdess! He took her away to his kingdom in the South-West, and there they were married and lived happily ever after. And the Princess always wore golden shoes.

So you see, regardless of what the shoes are made of, it is so vital to ensure the shoes are well-fitted into your feet. At Le Cuore, this is our mission to tailor-make leather shoes that are most suited your feet with your selection of leather skin and colour. Hesitate no more, make an appointment with us for now.

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